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English House is a language school offering courses in English as a foreign language for both children and adults, as well as translations in several languages. Situated in the city center of Plovdiv, we are equipped with everything essential for the comfort and the successful preparation of our students. Our goal is to help learners reach their full potential.

English courses

English courses for preschool age

Preschool age

English courses Students 1-12 grade

Students 1-12 grade

General English courses

General English

Business English courses

Business English

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Spoken English

Teaching methodology

Language training at ENGLISH HOUSE is organized in small groups in order to apply an individual approach to each learner. The courses are conducted in an English-speaking environment as it is the best way to learn the language effectively, quickly and naturally. Our methods and approaches are tailored to both the age and the individual abilities and interests of the students. All of this is possible thanks to the incredible course books provided by the best English Language Teaching publishers.

Exams preparation

The preparation for worldwide accepted exams is geared to the requirements and the format of each exam. Every course includes a free mock exam, providing a fuller view of the candidate’s level of English. ENGLISH HOUSE also helps learners when registering for the exam as well as offers free consultation regarding their application to universities abroad.

Cambridge Certificate courses

Cambridge English exam certificates provide their holders with confidence and prestige. They are made for children, teenagers and adults but most importantly, they do not have an expiry date.

IELTS Certificate Exam courses

It’s no surprise that IELTS is the most popular English exam in the world – in less than 3 hours you have the chance to show your language skills which are necessary for studying or living abroad.

TOEFL certificate exams

The Interned based test evaluates how well you combine your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks.

English Speaking Courses

Be confident and well-prepared on the day of your Speaking test! We will help you achieve a high result on the hardest part of each exam – the Speaking component.

Translation services

ENGLISH HOUSE does written translations from and into numerous languages such as English, German, Turkish, Greek and others. Our translators are professional philologists and native speakers.