Courses in Spoken English for beginners and advanced learners

Language barrier, lack of confidence, in need of more practice, troubles with pronunciation and many more could be the reasons why a course in Spoken English is the perfect fit for you!
It’s suitable for people who are well aware of English grammar rules but find it difficult when it comes to putting their knowledge into practice orally. Also, it’s appropriate for people possessing rich vocabulary which enables them to understand their interlocutor but simultaneously find it hard to respond adequately.
Those are the reasons why ENGLISH HOUSE highly recommends a course in Spoken English to everyone who has taken an English course in the past and has the necessary experience with the language.

Teaching methodology and course books

The course books are designed in a way which incorporates a Speaking element in every exercise. In addition, there are videos, providing real-life language models for students. As a result, what’s learned in class is ready to be used outside of it in everyday situations. Training doesn’t include grammar exercises and homework tasks are brought to minimum.
Listening and speaking skills, including pronunciation, can be mastered with the help of the available online platform – there are lots of materials and resources, suitable for independent practice both at home or on the road.
Revision lessons and test enable students to follow and assess their progress.

Courses are conducted in small groups (no more than 8 people) in order to give everyone the opportunity to actively participate in class. ENGLISH HOUSE offers courses in Spoken English in different levels depending on learners’ abilities.

Take a look at the course books online

You can look inside the course books on the official website of Oxford University Press. There are also additional materials and resources which can come in handy when learning English.

Take a look at the course books online


  • Spoken English
  • Total tuition hours – 50
  • Schedule – 3 tuition hours twice a week

Family discount


Reduce the expenses in your family’s budget – get a discount for registering a second and a third member of one family

Bring a friend


Invite a friend of yours to sign up for a course and you will receive a discount.

Early registration


Get a discount by signing up in June or July for a year-round course.

Registration for a following level


Continue your education in the next level and you will receive a discount.