English House is setting up new groups for IELTS preparation

Training includes developing and mastering skills required for each component of the IELTS exam (Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reading) as well as designing a strategy for passing the exam with flying colors.

In addition to the standard preparation course, English House also offers a Speaking module course which aims entirely at helping you do your best on the speaking component of the exam through skills and strategy development.

Courses also include a MOCK exam which can clearly show candidates their level of preparation. It takes place for the same duration as the actual exam and under the same conditions and regulations. Therefore, candidates feel more confident and relaxed on their exam day as chances for any surprises are brought to minimal.

English House specialists will assist you with the exam registration

Our team will help you register for the exam and for those applying to a university abroad we offer free consultations.

Courses schedule is consistent with students’ school or work schedule as well as their exam date. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information on the intensity or length of the course.
If you still wondering whether IELTS is the right exam for you, details on it as well as other internationally recognized certificates can be found on our Courses page on our website.

If you need any help, feel free to contact us at 088 4142 702 or come by our office at 51 Iztochen blvd.

График с изпитните дати за IELTS сертификат
The exam dates for IELTS during 2019

You can find them in our ``Schedule``