Who are we?

English Language Training in English House Language CenterENGLISH HOUSE language school offers a wide range of services in the educational field such as English lessons for children, students and adults, preparation for state matriculation exam and international exams, additional help for school, etc.
Our learners vary from preschool age to established professionals. Teaching English to every one of them is tailored to their individual needs and interests. For our youngest learners, the lessons are completely game-oriented. Children are motivated and encouraged to be artistic, to sing and play, all while using the English language. For our eldest students, the lessons are designed to  deliver knowledge and skills ready for an immediate use in the outside world (21st century skills). The coursebooks used in ENGLISH HOUSE are picked for their engaging and up-to-date topics. Moreover, they are not only paperback but also electronic – that way our learners have the opportunity to improve their language skills anywhere, anytime. The training is done in a completely English-speaking environment in order to achieve a quicker and more effective understanding of the material in a natural way.

English House is by your side every step of the way to language learning! We offer not only quality education but also support and comfort. We will help you overcome the language barrier, the fear of the unknown and you will see for yourself that you can do it – the first step is yours!

Why choose English House?

English Language Lessons and Courses in Plovdiv - Language Center English HouseOur teachers are young specialists striving for constant professional development in order to be the best that they can be for their learners. You can count on them for any type of support during your training – advice, recommendations or additional resources all of which can help you become your very best.

You are part of our team! Whether you or your child attends a course at English House language school, it’s of the essence for us to maintain an honest and open relationship in order to select the most appropriate approach for your training. Therefore, we treasure your feedback in every step of our work together.

English-speaking environment

Only using the English language in the learning process gives our learners the opportunity to enrich their own vocabulary faster and more naturally as well as to begin communicating in English with confidence.

Small groups

It’s of the essence for our team that students are comfortable and at ease. We want them to rely on us for every type of support or feedback. As a result of organizing our courses in small groups, every member of our English family can receive individual attention!

Learning with a smile

Forget about the endless dictations. Here in English House we count on creativity, critical thinking and mostly games. Be ready for challenges of all sorts!

Open doors

We are here to help you. That’s why we value the regular communication regarding your or your children’s development. Ever wonder what’s happening in your children’s classroom? Wonder no more – come to one of our annual demo lessons and see for yourself!


Each student who has passed the final test at the end of the course and who has enough number of attendances will receive a free certificate for the corresponding level of English.