Frequently asked questions

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How can I secure my place for an upcoming course?

Signing up for every course is possible after taking a placement test, paying the full price for the course book (textbook) as well as paying the first installment of the course fee or the price for your first lesson (if private).

Can I sign up for a course which doesn’t correspond with my level of English?

The purpose of placement tests is to determine your actual level of English in order to choose the most appropriate type of training for you. As a result, you will achieve the biggest progress as well as feel confident and at ease during classes. In group training, putting together people with noticeable differences in their language competence could lead to low productivity and tension within students. Therefore, ENGLISH HOUSE does not tolerate such actions. An exception could only be made for students having private lessons where the training process is completely in line with the needs and individual tempo of the learner.

What does the course fee include?

All course fees include a placement and a final test, an end-of-course certificate stating their current CEFR level of English (if the final exam is passed and the number of class attendances is enough) as well as tests during the course and additional materials selected by each teacher.

How can I choose the most appropriate course for me?

When selecting a course, give some thought to other essential factors, not just the level of English you are aiming for. Course schedule – consider during which part of the day you feel the most energetic and are able to attend classes. Type of course – consider what form of learning would make you feel more comfortable – private or group classes. Also, it is worth taking into consideration the aim of each course – do you need it for your work or for your daily life, for written or oral communication, for an exam or for general use?

Can I enroll after the course has started?

Yes, you can. The conditions for your participation depend on the number of classes that have already taken place and those which are yet to be taken as well as other strictly individual factors, thus the reason why every case is discussed in private with the English House team.

Will I receive a certificate for my level of English?

Yes, every student at English House receives a free end-of-course certificate after passing their final test and if having enough number of class attendances. The time and place for receiving the certificate should be discussed with your tutor.

How will I be informed of any events or changes in my course?

Every change in the schedule or organization of your course or of your child’s course shall be conveyed to you through email at the email address you have given us in your registration form. In case of changes happening on the same day we will contact you through a text message or a phone call at the phone number you have given us in your registration form. Therefore, we advise you to fill in your information in the registration form very carefully.

What do I do if I am unable to attend a class?

Our advice is to inform your teacher of your absence so you could be filled in on what you are going to miss, your homework and also, whether there is a possibility for you to catch up with another group at English House. Students attending private lessons should be aware that if they postpone or cancel a class in less than 24 hours before its scheduled time, the lesson is considered taken.

How will I know what to do if the teacher only speaks in English?

Students often feel frustrated when they don’t hear the translation of every new word in their mother tongue. It’s a normal reaction, but we assure you that when you start a course with us, you will forget about all these worries after your first few classes and you will see for yourself how effective this method actually is. Its aim is expanding your vocabulary and constantly practicing it in order to gain more confidence and communicate in English easily. Of course, using your mother tongue is inevitable, especially in the beginning of your training, but don’t worry – our tutors will always make sure that you are aware of everything happening in class.

What will I know at the end of the course?

Every course book presents its content in the first few pages – there you can clearly see the main lexical and grammar structures you’ll be studying throughout your training. The key is to set realistic goals – there is a chance you won’t memorize every word in the book and you may even make some grammar mistakes. That’s completely fine – it happens in your mother tongue as well. Therefore, a passed exam for us is one with a score higher than 70%.

How can I optimize my performance?

Regular class attendance often isn’t enough to fully understand and master whatever is in your course book. It’s of the essence to set aside some time for individual practice – homework, additional resources, even watching films or listening to music in English would have a positive effect on your performance. Our teachers are always there if you need advice or recommendations on that matter, so don’t hesitate to ask them!