IELTS – the most popular test in English worldwide

Educational institutions, businesses and governments often require proof of English language skills. IELTS is designed to test the language skills of people who want to work or study in English-speaking countries. Every year over 3 million tests are taken.

Some of the reasons why so many people choose IETLS:

Fast results

Exam results are ready in 13 calendar days after taking the test.

Numerous examination centres

You can choose where to take IELTS from over 1200 locations in more than 140 countries.

Widely accepted certificate

Over 10 000 organizations around the world accept IELTS as proof of language ability.

Preparation for IELTS and exam format

There are two different IELTS exams – Academic and General Training. Their Listening and Speaking components are identical but the Writing and Reading components are not.
There are two writing tasks. The second is similar in both modules – an essay. The first one is writing about a table, graph, chart or diagram (Academic) or writing a letter (General Training).
Reading in Academic IELTS includes three long passages with an increasing difficulty, texts in academic style, as well as texts on academic topics such as science and history. Reading in General Training IELTS includes short passages with an increasing difficulty and length, the texts could be extracts from notices, brochures, newspaper articles and so on.

ELTS preparation allows candidates to:

  • Begin their journey to life or education abroad
  • Prove their language skills
  • Choose between Academic or General Training IELTS depending on their goals

The exam includes 4 components with a total duration of about 2 hours and 45 minutes. The test format is paper-based. The components are:

  • Listening – about 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes’ transfer time
  • Reading – 60 minutes
  • Writing – 60 minutes
  • Speaking – 11 to 14 minutes

Textbooks used for your IELTS preparation at ENGLISH HOUSE meet the latest test requirements. They allow our learners to get fully prepared for each task on the exam and understand the criteria for their assessment.

Every current student at ENGLISH HOUSE preparing for an internationally accepted exam can take a free mock exam. Every mock exam after that, requested by the student, would be charged at a reduced price. We offer mock exams for outside candidates at a regular price.

ENGLISH HOUSE helps its learners both with registering for the exam as well as applying to university abroad.

Every exam mentioned on this page has its own purpose and level of recognition worldwide, expiry date and other essential characteristics which should be clear to every future candidate prior to choosing a test. For more information on the certificates and exams preparation, feel free to contact us (see Contact us).

Prices and discounts on IELTS course registration


  • Total tuition hours – 100
  • Course intensity and length depends on your exam date

Family discount


Reduce the expenses in your family’s budget – get a discount for registering a second and a third member of one family

Bring a friend


Invite a friend of yours to sign up for a course and you will receive a discount.

Early registration


Get a discount by signing up in June or July for a year-round course.

Registration for a following level


Continue your education in the next level and you will receive a discount.