Preparation courses for the Speaking part of exams

Speaking fluently in a foreign language is one of the biggest challenges when learning a new language. Thus the reason why ENGLISH HOUSE offers not only standard courses for exam preparation, but also a course for preparation for the Speaking component of each test. Its aim is to focus entirely on the speaking part while complying with all requirements for the exam format.
This course is suitable for you if you:

  • Want to get acquainted with all tasks included in the speaking component of your upcoming exam, as well as different ways of passing them with flying colours
  • Need additional practice on the speaking component of your upcoming exam
  • Strive for improvement of your speaking skills, although you don’t intend to take an exam in the near future
  • Lack a partner to help you practice some of the speaking tasks of your upcoming exam

Course goals and prices

English Speaking CoursesThis course has two main goals.
First, increasing your level of language skills. That includes both grammar and vocabulary. Students learn lots of various phrases and expressions used in everyday interaction.. They enrich their vocabulary and culture in preparation for discussions and debates on different topics.
Second, getting acquainted and used to the requirements for each task from the speaking component. Therefore, we design a strategy for your ultimate test performance. You learn how to work with the time and the type of communication that every task requires. You develop your communication skills – body language, facial expressions, intonation and so on.

Speaking module

  • Total tuition hours – 20
  • Course intensity and length depends on your exam date