Translations from and into English, German, Greek and Turkish

ENGLISH HOUSE offers translations from and into various languages, some of which are English, German, Greek and Turkish.

Every translation is being done by a professional team of linguists so you can be certain of its precision.

Our team takes orders for texts of all kinds which we thoroughly examine during the translation process. What we also take into consideration is the appropriate usage of scientific terminology, abstract concepts, jargon, etc.

The turnaround time for each order could be standard (in 2 business days), fast (in 1 business day) and express (on the same day). However, it can be negotiated depending on the client’s needs and the specifics of the order.

The texts we work with can be put into two categories: category A (standard documents, certificates, declarations, etc.) and category B (specific documents, specialized literature and so on).

The translation prices are per page of 1800 characters (spaces included).. The price is determined in advance depending on numerous factors – volume and type of text, turnaround time and languages needed. We also offer a discount of 10% for texts over 50 pages.

We value our clients’ opinion when taking an order – that’s why we discuss each task in advance and take into consideration all of your requirements.

Prices for written translations

The following prices include VAT. They present the prices for our services provided that one of the used languages is Bulgarian. Contact us if you need a translation in a different language combination or in more languages.

Prices for translations from/into English

Language Category Turnaround time Price
English A standard 9 BGN
English A fast 11 BGN
English A express 15 BGN
English B standard 11 BGN
English B fast 14 BGN
English B express 19 BGN

Prices for translations from/into German

Language Category Turnaround time Price
German A standard 9 BGN
German A fast 11 BGN
German A express 15 BGN
German B standard 11 BGN
German B fast 14 BGN
German B express 19 BGN

Prices for translations from/into Greek

Language Category Turnaround time Price
Greek A standard 14 BGN
Greek A fast 17 BGN
Greek A express 21 BGN
Greek B standard 17 BGN
Greek B fast 19 BGN
Greek B express 25 BGN

Prices for translations from/into Turkish

Language Category Turnaround time Price
Turkish A standard 14 BGN
Turkish A fast 17 BGN
Turkish A express 21 BGN
Turkish B standard 17 BGN
Turkish B fast 19 BGN
Turkish B express 25 BGN