Този тест е ориентировъчен. Ако не сте сигурни в отговора си, моля отбележете отговор “d) пропусни”. Можете да получите точни резултати само на място в нашия офис.




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    Choose the correct answer.

    1. I bought …. beautiful dress.
    a) ab) anc) thed) пропусни

    2. ‘What’s … name?’ ‘John.’
    a) hisb) herc) himd) пропусни

    3. My mum and I often go to the cinema. … like watching films.
    a) Theyb) Wec) Youd) пропусни

    4. ‘What …...…...?’ ‘I’m a firefighter.’
    a) are you doingb) you doc) do you dod) пропусни

    5. Where are your keys? You …… them.
    a) always loseb) are always losec) are always losingd) пропусни

    6. I’ll call you … the morning.
    a) onb) inc) atd) пропусни

    7. My sister wakes up …. than me.
    a) earlierb) earlyc) more earlyd) пропусни

    8. You are …. person I know.
    a) the most honestb) honestc) more honestd) пропусни

    9. There’s …. sugar in my coffee – I can’t drink it!
    a) too manyb) too muchc) tood) пропусни

    10. I took my umbrella because it was raining ….
    a) heavilyb) stronglyc) powerfullyd) пропусни

    11. Her father … her how to ride a bike last year.
    a) teachb) have taughtc) taughtd) пропусни

    12. Samantha was waiting …. him all day.
    a) tob) ofc) ford) пропусни

    13. His shoes are the same … mine.
    a) asb) likec) suchd) пропусни

    14. Look at the clouds! It …. rain.
    a) willb) is going toc) isd) пропусни

    15. The waiter was very …. to us. I’m never coming back here!
    a) politeb) rudec) generousd) пропусни

    16. We were starving so Mark suggested … some food.
    a) to orderb) orderc) orderingd) пропусни

    17. The children have been studying … an hour.
    a) forb) sincec) fromd) пропусни

    18. I ... go to the ER after I fell from the roof.
    a) mustb) willc) had tod) пропусни

    19. It would be quicker if we … by car.
    a) gob) wentc) had goned) пропусни

    20. Look! That’s the man ... helped me yesterday.
    a) whichb) whomc) whod) пропусни

    21. I went to my grandparents’ house but they weren’t there. They … to the supermarket.
    a) had goneb) have gonec) has goned) пропусни

    22. This pizza … with gluten-free dough.
    a) madeb) is makingc) is maded) пропусни

    23. The firefighters arrived on time so all of the passengers … escape from the fire.
    a) couldb) were able toc) could haved) пропусни

    24. You’ll fail the exam … you study harder.
    a) ifb) whenc) unlessd) пропусни

    25. He … smoke so much but he has 20 cigarettes a day now!
    a) used tob) didn’t used toc) didn’t use tod) пропусни

    26. I’m right, …?
    a) aren’t Ib) isn’t Ic) don’t Id) пропусни

    27. I have a colleague … brother graduated from Harvard.
    a) whob) whomc) whosed) пропусни

    28. Titanic is … an amazing film!
    a) sob) suchc) muchd) пропусни

    29. I’m really …. with the concert. It was better last year.
    a) disappointedb) disappointingc) disappointd) пропусни

    30. Have you thought about … smoking? It’s really unhealthy.
    a) dropping outb) giving upc) taking offd) пропусни

    31. Tom said he’s not coming to work today. He’s feeling a bit … the weather.
    a) offb) underc) downd) пропусни

    32. She always acts as if everything is OK but this time she really needs to … the issue.
    a) faceb) meetc) talkd) пропусни

    33. Children are often afraid to … a mistake.
    a) dob) makec) haved) пропусни

    34. I was so … with excitement that I couldn’t stop smiling.
    a) overwhelmedb) affectedc) disturbedd) пропусни

    35. The internet is an … source of information.
    a) invaluableb) uselessc) cruciald) пропусни

    36. She visited me on the day … to her death.
    a) beforeb) priorc) followingd) пропусни

    37. I … live in Brazil a few years ago.
    a) don’tb) used toc) have tod) пропусни

    38. If you did more exercise, you … feel better.
    a) willb) wouldc) cand) пропусни

    39. I wish you …. leave so soon.
    a) didn’t have tob) mustn’tc) don’t have tod) пропусни

    40. Their house … in 1873.
    a) builtb) was builtc) is builtd) пропусни

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